Berkshire Pigs

Berkshire PigsOriginating from the English county of Berkshire, Berkshires are a rare breed of pig. Herds of Berkshires are still raised in England. Berkshires are listed as vulnerable, as of 2008 only 300 breeding sows were known to exist. Some Berkshires are raised in New Zealand, but there are fewer than 100 sows there.

The American Berkshire Association, established in America in 1875 gives pedigree stamps of approval only to pigs which are directly imported from English herds or those traced back to imported pigs.

Berkshires are covered with short black hair, with white hair on their legs, faces and tips of their tails. Berkshires are well known for their juiciness, flavor and tenderness. Their pink-hued and heavy marbled meat is high in fat content and are excellent for high temperatures and long cooking.

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