Welcome to Black Hill Ranch

Black Hill Ranch raises the finest breeds and sells the highest quality meats that Texas has to offer. To achieve such a feat is not that hard if you have a passion for producing the finer things. Our pigs are humanely treated and kept under constant observation.

We go the extra mile to insure you have the freshest and tastiest pork around. Common breeds are genetically bred to grow fast and are bred with not a lot of intramuscular fat, in other words bred lean which result in conventional pork that is dry, tough and shrink wrapped at your local market. If you have ever eaten our pork, it is not the like the
pork you get at the grocery store. It is succulent, well-marbled, and flavourful.This is partly due to the heritage breeds, but also due to our all natural diet and free range set up..

Taking care of pigs is a tremendous amount of work and it takes a high level of dedication. We make sure we spend time each day hand feeding, scratching bellies and cleaning. Contrary to popular belief pigs are clean animals and thrive when kept in the utmost sanitary conditions. They do have a habit of rolling around in mud though.. this is what pigs do and we ensure that pigs can be pigs. 

A happy healthy pig is a better tasting pig. If the constant attention and care we give our pigs wasn't enough, we also make sure they have a top notch diet. Our pigs are fed a healthy and non medicated diet of whole grains, nuts, acorns, fruit, vegetables, maple syrup and red wine!

Black Hill Ranch Speciality Meats & Products

We are proud to feature our meats in the finest restaurants and stores in the country, and now offer delivery to private residences as well. Call us today and experience the Black Hill difference!